Merging Industrial Vibes with Musical Diversity for STAGEBOX

Creative Direction

I had the responsibility of leading the creative direction for STAGEBOX, a memorable concert venue at Refshaleøen, that has since closed its doors. The challenge had multiple facets - we had to establish its brand in the vibrant music scene of Copenhagen, while ensuring it resonated with the venue's diverse musical palette, spanning both mainstream and niche genres.

The industrial setting of the venue provided the perfect canvas – drawing from its rustic, raw ambiance, I came up with a visual strategy that blended the ruggedness of the venue's location with the vibrant pulse of its live performances.

The STAGEBOX website was crafted to be more than just a transactional space. In the age where experience trumps everything, the website was strategically built to provide an intuitive and immersive preview reflecting the atmosphere and essence of the iconic venue.

Central to the visual identity was the use of big, bold fonts, drawing inspiration from industrial typefaces, which pay homage to the venue's history as an old shipyard. Not only did these capture immediate attention, but they also mirrored the venue's robust and industrial roots.